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Webinar Forschungsdatenmanagement im Förderantrag Post Nov 4, 2020
On November 18th we hold the webinar “Forschungsdatenmanagement im Förderantrag” within the workshop series Fit For Funding of Ruhr University Bochum. More information and registration
Job advertisement RDMScout (m/f/d) Bochum University of Applied Sciences Post Oct 19, 2020
The Bochum University of Applied Sciences is looking for a scout for research data management, fixed-term for three years, TV-L 13. Online job application until 6th November 2020 Detailed job description (in German)
Job advertisement IT project/support assistant (m/f/d) Post Aug 5, 2020
The SFB/TRR 287 „BULK-REACTION“ and IT.SERVICES are looking for an IT project/support assistant, full-time, fixed-term, TV-L 11. Closing date: 16th August 2020 Detailed job description (link expired)
New matrix channel for research data Post Aug 4, 2020
Discuss research data and research data management on our channel on the matrix server of the Evaluation-Lab. Members of Ruhr University Bochum can join the public channel “Forschungsdaten/Research Data”.
Open Data Impact Award of the Stifterverband Post Apr 30, 2020
The Stifterverband awards the Open Data Impact Award, which includes prize money of 30,000 euros. The award goes to researchers who have made their research data openly available and have made innovative reuse outside of science possible, or who illustrate a potential social impact. The FAIR principles are also...
Moodle course Research Data Management Post Apr 3, 2020
The introductory Moodle course “Research Data Management” is now available in English. The 90-minute course is aimed at master’s and PhD students. Open Research Data Management