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Information about the practical course Interfacial Systems Chemistry (IFSC)

Aim of the practical course Interfacial Systems Chemistry

the practical course Interfacial Systems Chemistry is a compulsory internship for master students in the first term of their master studies. In the frame of the course, students should get an overview about the whole area and interdisciplinarity of the research activities at the faculty of chemistry and biochemistry. One of the central scientific areas at the faculty is the investigation of chemistry on interfaces from molecules to complex systems. Therefore the name of the internship is related to the name of the research department Interfacial Systems Chemistry (RD IFSC) established in 2008. The mission of this interdisciplinary research facility is to pool the competence in the area of chemistry on interfaces to get a deeper understanding of the processes behind and to achieve a general understanding of the evolution of chemical complexity. With different approaches combining synthetically, physical and theoretical chemistry these processes will be investigated. This internship will give students an overview about current experimental and theoretical approaches being of importance within but also beyond this research focus

Information about the practical course

The course will start in the first week of the winter term 2009/2010 with a kick off lecture and will end with a poster presentation and a final discussion December the 18th 2009. Every student has to perform three experiments and each will last two weeks (50 % experiment / 50 % analyses and report).Four slots of two weeks will be offered within this course. With the binding registration for the course, open from beginning of August via this web-page, students will choose six experiments of interest from a catalogue of experiments which will also be online at this time. Enabling to assign students regular on all blocks and experiments, students will become assigned in such way that every student can perform three from six chosen experiments in three out of four slots. Regarding to this procedure time slots can not be chosen by the students. Provided that places are available it is possible that students can start the course also after beginning with the second time slot.

Additionally four obligate seminars will take place in every second week of each time slot where students will get a further overview about the research activities and topics of the faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Grading system for the practical course

In total six credit points (CP) are available for the course. Students will get for each successful passed experiment two CP if the experimental report is certified in minimum with passed and will be delivered in time to the IFSC office. Every student has to deliver two reports (in total four CP) and for one experiment, free chosen from the first three slots, students have to prepare a poster which will be presented in the final poster session (two CP).


The kick off lecture for the internship IFSC will take place October 2010

Seminar IFSC

Within the internship IFSC four obligatory seminars will take place on Thursday in the second week of each slot from 15:00 till 16:30.

At the last term the poster presentation will be performed. Participation in the seminar is obligatory for passing the practical course.


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