About the Conference


Over the last years, the genocide committed against the Armenians has received more and more scientific and popular attention. Thanks to a growing number of international scientists devoted to the elucidation and reappraisal of the Armenian-Ottoman past the historical processes leading to the extinction of the majority of the Armenian population within the Ottoman Empire have been traced and investigated. However, as recent international research has emphasized, the Armenian genocide by the Young-Turkish government has to be understood as only one chapter of an overall campaign of the Young-Turkish and Kemalist government against the non-Muslim (and later non-Turkish) communities. Besides the Armenians, particularly Greek communities in Asia Minor were affected most in terms of forced migration and atrocities, committed in the interests of specific Young-Turkish and Kemalist visions of the Ottoman space between 1913 and 1923. In this regard, the governmental campaign reached its violent climax in the genocide of the Greek communities in the Pontic area at the shores of the Black Sea. Albeit the killing of the Pontic Greek has become increasingly prominent in Anglo-American historical research, it still continues to be a desideratum within the European field of research.

The aim of the upcoming conference is thus both to raise awareness about what happened to the Pontic-Greek community during the Young-Turkish and Kemalist regimen and to promote the international and interdisciplinary collaboration within this field of research. As the displacement and extinction of the Pontic-Greek community has to be contextualized as part of the complex socio-political relations between Muslim/Turkish hegemony and Non-Muslim/Non-Turkish communities, the conference intends to bring together the expert knowledge of international scholars working within the fields of the late Ottoman, Young-Turkish and Kemalist period, Greco-Turkish relations and the Greek diaspora.

The conference will be held in German and English with simultaneous interpretation.

Guests are very welcome. Please register with pontic@ruhr-uni-bochum.de. There is no registration fee.