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James Cuffe

James Cuffe

Short Bio

James Cuffe BA, MA, MBS, HDip is a Philosophical Anthropologist currently completing his PhD at the National University of Ireland: Cork (UCC) on the dynamic between social change and technology in contemporary China. He has taught in UCC School of Asian Studies, UCC School of Sociology and Philosophy and in University College Dublin at the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies. He is an editor for the International Political Anthropology book series on Contemporary Mimetic Revival. His research interests include Chinese Philosophy, Social Theory, and Contemporary Chinese Society & Culture. For more info see

Title of research

Communications Technology and Social Change in Modern China

Short abstract of project

My dissertation investigates the role communications technology plays in social change in China and as a concept in academic discourses on China. My inquiry focuses on Western academic discourse and its presumptive ethnocentric account of social development as correlated with increasing technological complexity. The prevalence of positing a correlation between social change and the impacts of technology is detrimental within the field of China Studies in understanding how China views itself and its relation with the West. The investigation seeks to explicate the role of communications technology, its spread and its effects in order to elucidate in a reflexive manner the prescriptive understanding anthropologists bring to the field in the contemporary world. I illustrate how the modern ideology of ‘progress’ arises in China in a ‘domesticated’ form and trace the impact or role of communications technology at pivotal moments in modern Chinese history, including a project carried out at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. The claim of many (Western) China commentators that information and communications technology has an emancipatory liberative effect is seen to be problematic at best. I aim to continue this research after completion of my doctorate exploring the problems of ‘comparative’ research on China from European/’Western’ perspectives.


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