The growing importance of East Asia in the 21st century's global economy and world politics is increasingly generating the demand for East Asian expertise on all levels in both the public and private sectors. The department contributes to meeting this demand by qualifying students through modern Bachelor and Master study programmes, enabling them to take on challenging tasks relating to East Asia. The department's cutting-edge teaching concept, including theory-based and practice-oriented courses, prepares students for careers in research institutions, government departments, international organizations, transnational enterprises, and the media.

Consistent with the department's main research focus the following aspects are at the core of our teaching:

  • political systems in East Asia
  • foreign and security policy
  • (international) political economy
  • political theory and philosophy in East Asia

Intrested parties and prospective students should contact our teaching staff for more detailed information and advice.

Please note that the teaching languague in our study programs is German.

B.A. Degree Programme

The B.A. degree program (designed for a three-year study period) consists of two sections: regardless of their main focus (either politics or economics) all students have to complete the general section (gemeinsamer Bereich) consisting of language instruction in Chinese or Japanese (87 CP). As part of their main focus, students are required to complete the focus-related section (schwerpunktorientiertes Fachstudium) (68 CP). Together with the oral B.A. exam and the Bachelor thesis, the B.A. degree program comprises modules totalling 180 CP.

The general section covers:

  • principles of research on East Asia
  • cultural and social background
  • language instruction: Chinese or Japanese
  • elective courses (optionale Veranstaltungen)

The focus-related section covers:

  • principles of political science
  • applied East Asian political science
  • issue-specific policy analysis of East Asian topics
  • history of political thinking and political philosophy in East Asia
  • East Asian history

M.A. Degree Programme

The M.A. degree program in East Asian Politics consists of four sections in which a total of 90 CP has to be obtained. The program is designed for a two-year study period (four semesters). The four sections are

  1. East Asian politics:
    • East Asian foreign and security policy
    • East Asian governments and institutions
    • East Asian political culture
  2. Political science:
    • policy analysis
    • regionalism
    • interest mediation
  3. Advanced language instruction
  4. Study abroad, internships

The master exam consists of the master thesis, an oral exam and a written exam. To gain admission to the M.A. degree programme in East Asian Politics, students are required to have adequate knowledge of political science, and East Asian politics, as well as competence in Chinese or Japanese. Also, international students must fulfill the general requirements for enrolling at Ruhr-University and must formally apply for admission at the university's international office. Please visit here for details on the application and admission process.

For additional information on the master programme, please contact Dr. O'Brien or Dr. Pölking.

Ph.D. Programme

In order to enrol in the Ph.D. programme, applicants must hold an M.A. degree or a comparable degree from a foreign or German university.
Students wishing to register for the Ph.D. program should contact the head of the department Prof. Dr. Jörn-Carsten Gottwald.