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090 357: current issues in chinese politics (Prof. dr. jÖrn-carsten gottwald)

Modul: RIO, 2st

Zeit: Di, 16.00-18.00


Empfohlenes Semester: ab 1. Semester M.A.

CP: 4,5

Voraussetzungen: Good reading ability of Chinese language sources desirable yet no prerequisite.
A basic (!) knowledge of English as a working language.

Kommentar: Chinese politics has been aptly described as riding a tiger (骑虎难下): It’s all fine unless you stop. Once you’re off the beast’s back, you face the rather unpleasant perspective of being eaten up alive. Many observers had forecasted that the Communist Party of China would be unable to continue its politics of social, economic and political reform – riding the tiger – without transforming its monopoly on political power. So far, in spite of many changes in the PRC, the CPC remains at the helm of the political – and economic – order.  Even the transfer of power from the third to the fourth generation of leaders in 2002 has not led to severe ruptures in China’s development.

In this seminar, we will observe in some depths the main features of the political and economic order of the PRC. Reviewing different approaches in the study of China’s transformation, we will concentrate on identifying key challenges to political and economic stability and analyse the policies adopted by the Leninist party-state to deal with them. We will follow on current developments regarding China’s social, political and economic life and seek to produce our own ‚balance sheet’ of the Communist Party’s achievements on the eve of yet another generational change in its leadership.

A detailed list of topics will be discussed at the preparatory meeting on 3rd April 2012. A definitive list of topics including required readings will be decided in the first full meeting on 10th April.

Vorbesprechung/Beginn: 02.04.2012

Sprechstunde: Siehe Homepage

Literatur: Highly recommended as preparatory reading
Barry Naughton (2007) The Chinese Economy. Transition and Growth. MIT Press
David Shambaugh (2009) China’s Communist Party. Atrophy and Adaptation. University of California Press.
Tony Saich (2010) Governance and Politics in China. Palgrave MacMillan
Zheng Yongnian (2010) The Chinese Communist Party as Organisational Emperor. Routledge.