married, two children

  • 1982-1986    Study of Biology, Diploma, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • 1986-1989    PhD, Ruhr University Bochum
  • 1989-1991    Postdoc, Ruhr-University Bochum (Prof. Wolf-Hubert Kunau)
  • 1991-1995    Postdoc, Rockefeller University New York, USA (Prof. Günter Blobel)
  • 1995-1997    “Habilitation”, Ruhr-University Bochum, Institute of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
  • 1998-2002    Professor (C3), Free University of Berlin, Institute of Biochemistry
  • 2002-2009    Professor (C4), Ruhr-University Bochum, Institute of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
  • since 2009    Professor (W3), Ruhr University Bochum, Institute of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry 


  • > 150 Publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • 6 book chapters
  • 2 Patents 

Teaching experience (selection)

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • Structure and Function of Proteins (Lecture and Seminar)
  • Biochemistry of Lipids and Membranes (Lecture and Seminar)
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism (Lecture and Seminar)
  • Lipid Metabolism (Lecture and Seminar)
  • Methods in Molecular Cell Biology (Lecture)
  • Experimental course in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Molecular Medicine (Experimental Course and Seminar)
  • Metabolism of Amino acids (Lecture and Seminar)
  • Advanced Course in Membrane Biology
  • Biochemistry of Cell Organelles (Advanced Course)
  • Molecular Cell Biology for Students of Bioinformatics (Lecture)         
  • Molecular Machines in Protein Transport (Lecture)
  • Molecular Microbiology (Lecture)
  • Medical Biochemistry for Students of Biochemistry (Experimental Course)
  • Experimental Course in Biology for Students of Medicine 

Scientific Achievments (Selection):

  • 1989    Genetic screen, which led to the identification of peroxins.
  • 1991    Pex1p, the first peroxin Pex1p and discovery of AAA-proteins as novel family of ATPases.
  • 1995    Proteomic screen for the identification of peroxisomal membrane proteins.
  • 1994    Pex7p, the import receptor for peroxisomal PTS2-proteins.
  • 1995    Model of cycling receptors.
  • 1995    Pex11p as first peroxin, required for peroxisome proliferation.    
  • 1995    Pex13p, the first docking protein of the peroxisomal import machinery.
  • 1997    Pex14p, point of convergence of PTS1- and PTS2-dependent peroxisomal protein import.
  • 1998    IDP3, produces NADPH for peroxisomal degradation of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • 2000    Pex8p, novel component of the peroxisomal import machinery.
  • 2001    Ant1, the first peroxisomal ATP-transporter.
  • 2002    Identification of the targeting signal for peroxisomal membrane proteins
  • 2004    Poly-Ubiquitination of the PTS1-import receptor
  • 2005    Function of Pex1p/Pex6p in the ATP-dependent receptor recycling
  • 2005    The Transient Pore Model.
  • 2007    Mono-ubiquitination as signal for ATP-dependent receptor export and recycling.
  • 2009    Elucidation of the PTS1-ubiquitination pathway (Function of Pex4p and Pex12p).
  • 2010    Identification of the translocation pore of the PTS1-import machinery.
  • 2010    Peroxisomal protein import and ERAD; The Export-driven Import Model.
  • 2011    Role of Ubp15p in deubiquitination and recycling of peroxisomal import receptor Pex5p.
  • 2012    Pex14p-dependent movement of peroxisomes along microtubules.
  • 2013    Elucidation of the Ubiquitination pathway in peroxisomal import of PTS2-proteins.
  • 2015    Structure of Pex1p.
  • 2015    Identification of the PTS2-import pore, distinct pores for PTS1- and PTS2-proteins.
  • 2015    Stress-regulated novel import pathway for PTS2-proteins.
  • 2016    Pex9p, a novel import receptor for PTS1-proteins.
  • 2017    Developments of a new line of drugs against sleeping sickness and Chagas disease.

Further activities (selection)

  • 1987            FEBS Fellowship
  • 1988            EMBO Fellowship
  • 1989            Research Prize of the Ruhr University Bochum
  • 1991-1994   Feodor Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • 1999-2001   Head of the Advisory Board of Celon GmbH, Berlin  
  • 1998-2002   Managing Director, Institute of Biochemistry, Free University of Berlin
  • since 2003   Editorial Boards: FEBS Journal (2003-1015), European Journal of Cell Biology (since 2004),
                        Journal of Biological Chemistry (2010-2016), Biochemical Journal (since 2013), BBA MRC (since 2014)
  • 2000-2002   Board of the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Free University of Berlin
  • 2000-2002   Member of the Senate of the Free University of Berlin
  • 2005-2009   Steering Committee, FP6 EU-Project 'Peroxisomes in Health and Disease (LSHGCT2004-512018)
  • 2008-2012   Member of DFG Reviewing Board 201 ‘Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics’
  • 2008-2016   Vice-Chairman of SFB642 (GTP- and ATP-dependent membrane processes)
  • since 2003   Managing Director, Institute of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • since 2004   Board of the Faculty of Medicine, Ruhr-University of Bochum
  • since 2006   Member of the International Graduate School of Biology, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • since 2013   Coordinator DFG Research Unit FOR 1905 ‘Structure and Function of the peroxisomal Translocon’
  • since 2014   Member of the International Max-Planck Research School Dortmund
  • since 2014   Member of DFG Reviewing Board 201‘Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics’
  • since 2017   Dean of Research of the Medical Faculty of the Ruhr-University Bochum

 Conference organizations (selection)

  • 2000 ‘International Conference on Peroxisome Function and Biogenesis’ (San Francisco, USA)
  • 2004 ‘International Symposium on the Topogenesis of Organellar Proteins’ (Bochum, Germany)
  • 2006 ‘International Symposium on ‘Peroxisomes in Health and Disease’ (Vienna, Austria)
  • 2008 ‘International Symposium on Peroxisome Biogenesis and Function’ (Bochum, Germany)
  • 2008 ‘Organelle Biogenesis and Trafficking’ Section of the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Cell Biology
              (Marburg, Germany)
  • 2009 ‘Transport’ Section at the International Conference on Microbiology (Bochum, Germany)
  • 2009 ‘International Meeting on Peroxisome Research’ (Seattle, USA)
  • 2010 ‘International Symposium on Peroxisome Biogenesis and Function’ (Bochum, Germany)
  • 2011 ‘Organelle Biogenesis’ Section at the International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
              (Olsztyn, Poland)
  • 2012 ‘Peroxisomal Protein Import’ Section of the Gordon Conference on Protein Translocation (Galveston, USA)
  • 2013 ‘10th International Conference on AAA Proteins’ (Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • 2014 ‘5th Open European Peroxisome Meeting’ (Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • 2016 ‘Peroxysystems’ (Rehovot, Israel)

Citations (Web of Science):

  • cumulative until July 2017: 6381
  • average per Paper: 48
  • h-Index: 47 (July 2016)