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During the past few decades, the topics and methods of philosophy of science as well as its publishing organs have become increasingly diversified. The growing impact of history and sociology of science on philosophy of science (as now manifest in integrated HPS), as well as the increa­sing importance of the close examination of local research practices in specific contexts (as is done in the emerging area of philosophy of science in practice) seem to have reduced the interest in more traditional systematic controversies about science in general. The diversification is also due to the fact that the special sciences are investigated one by one.           

Against this background, it seems important that the increasing diversification of the field is counterbalanced by a strengthening of integrative elements of reflection on the sciences in general. Today, general philosophy of science offers many opportunities not only to analyse and discuss scientific methods and approaches, but also to reflect on the relationships between these methods and to analyse the interaction of systematic and histo­rical approaches.

Accordingly, JGPS aims to be an international forum for discussions open to high quality-contri­butions from all approaches to philosophy of science, comprising the whole variety of philosophical topics which are relevant for understanding the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities. All publications are in English. Notwithstanding its broad and integrative character, JGPS strives to be the best journal for philosophy of science in the following respects: 

  • General Methodology, Comparisons between the Various Scientific Disciplines  and Limits of Science                       

JGPS aims to be the proper forum for discussing methodological aspects of the sciences which contribute to our understanding of science overall. It strives to publish contributions that improve our understanding of how science works, of the distinctive characteristics of the different sciences in comparative perspective and of the scopes and limits of scientific theories and methods.


  •  Natural Sciences, Humanities and the Unity of Science

JGPS strives to be the best place for discussions of the interactions and interdependencies of the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities. It welcomes contributions which analyse the impact of scientific achievements on the humanities as well as philosophical reflections peculiar to the humanities which are relevant for the sciences in general. Within this context, discussions of anthropological and ethical aspects are welcome.


  •  History of Philosophy of Science

JGPS offers an excellent platform to publish papers on the history of philosophy of science from the ancient times to recent histo­ry. These papers may analyse methodological, epistemological, ontological and ethical problems of specific sciences or the interaction between the sciences including the humanities and philosophy in a certain period. Within the scope of JGPS, history of philosophy of science is an important integrative element which substantially contributes to the disciplinary identity of philosophy of science.  



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Journal for General Philosophy of Science - Zeitschrift für allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie

Founded in 1970 by A. Diemer, L. Geldsetzer and G. König.

Claus Beisbart (Bern)
Helmut Pulte (Bochum)
Thomas Reydon (Hannover)