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INTERACT! New Forms of Social Interaction with Intelligent Systems

Changes in our interaction with each other via social media and with AI systems pose a central challenge for modern society. Messenger services, chatbots, robot co-workers: Our everyday interactions are no longer limited to human beings. Which changes does this development bring about? How do we shape and manage them? And what are the risks and opportunities that come along with it? Our interdisciplinary research group combining humanities, social, and behavioral sciences at Ruhr University Bochum addresses these questions.





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At this international conference, the focus will be on the role of time as it pertains to a good life. What does it mean in regards to the possibility of a successful life that we live in time, that we are temporal beings (i.e. living in hours, days and years), and that we speak of earlier, simultaneously and later, as well as of the past, present and future? When time is discussed in the context of a practical way of life, it is usually only in two respects: either as the duration of life and thus as the classic problem of its finite nature or as the speed and acceleration that is associated with the modern way of life. However, at least four other issues can be distinguished, too: the way of life (which unit of time is needed and why do we prefer a happy ending?), the use of time (how should we use time?), the arranging of oneself with time (in particular with the constant, irretrievable "flow" of time) and the reference to different time modes (what relationship to past and future do we need in order to live well in the present?).

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