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Areas of Specialization

  • Normative Ethics (human dignity, theories of values)
  • Applied Ethics (medical ethics, ethics of digitization)
  • Philosophy of Emotions
  • Moral Psychology
  • Aesthetics

Current Research Projects

  • The Time of your Life. How Do Humans Lead a Good Life in Time? (funded by the Heisenberg program of DFG):

If time is a topic in current philosophical theories of well-being (or “the good life”), it is mostly discussed in terms of duration  or the velocity of life. In any case, it is discussed as something “external” to humans, for example by considering the question of how to use slots of time in a meaningful way (Calhoun 2018) or how to arrange things given the fact that time is just passing by completely beyond our control  The present project,“The Time of Your Life. How to Lead a Good Life in Time,” focuses on another understanding of time, in the tradition of phenomenology, namely on time as an internal structuring of human life, as something that is inherent to human consciousness, acting, and existence. It raises the question of the degree to which the possibility of a good life depends on these structures and their concrete configuration. The central thesis is that the integration of the three modes of time, the “past”, “present”, and “future,” is an important condition for a good human life.

  • Ethics of (Emotional) Artificial Intelligence. INTERACT! New Forms of Social Interaction With Intelligent Systems.
  • Religion and the Emotions. DFG-Network