Dr. Luca Barlassina (Oktober 2012 - Oktober 2014)

From October to December 2011, Luca Barlassina is going to be research fellow at the Bochum Center for Mind, Brain and Cognitive Evolution, where he will join Prof. Newen's research group on social cognition. In May 2011 Luca Barlassina got a PhD in philosophy from the University of Milan. During his PhD, he was a visiting graduate student at the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science and at the Institut Jean Nicod. His research lies at the intersection between philosophy of mind and cognitive science, with a special focus on social cognition. He has authored and co-authored papers on mental simulation, disgust attribution, and moral judgment in autism. He's currently working on mirror mechanisms, phenomenal mindreading, and the embodied character of emotions.

Cameron Buckner, PhD (April - Juli 2012 / April - August 2013)

Dr. Cameron Buckner received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2011. His primary research area is the philosophy of cognitive science, and he also has a background in artificial intelligence. His dissertation is on the structure of cognition and the nature of mental content. He has published in the areas of philosophy of mind, computer science, and psychology. He is co-founder of the Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project, which began in 2005 to serve the information needs of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by integrating developments from information extraction, social computing, knowledge representation, and logic programming.