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To access Abbreviationes™, click on one of the Web server links below. A green status icon in front of a link indicates that the corresponding server is online and fully functional. If you see a red status icon instead, the corresponding server is temporarily offline for maintenance.

Our servers will be moved to a new location in January 2020. During the interim, the servers are available in the wired cloud. Please note that the server addresses have changed.

Abbreviationes™ Classic

Abbreviationes™ Professional


On June 30, 2015, on the occasion of 50 years of RUB, we have released Abbreviationes™ Professional. All Abbreviationes™ licensees have access free of charge. The original version has been renamed to Abbreviationes™ Classic.

Nota bene: Access to Abbreviationes™ is only available to Abbreviationes™ licensees and requires a registered IPv4 address. If you encounter any difficulties in accessing these Web servers, please contact us at

Data compression proxies such as Google Chrome’s Data Saver must be turned off. Otherwise, your requests will be relayed through a proxy server, and you will attempt to access Abbreviationes™ from a non-registered IPv4 address.

To access Abbreviationes™ from off-campus, use your university’s VPN or proxy server. (A Campus Edition license is required for this service.) With your smartphone in hand, you can have access to Abbreviationes™ from anywhere.

The Web server addresses for Abbreviationes™ may change in the future, so please bookmark this page for future reference. To visit this page directly, point your Web browser at or for short.

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