Course Timetable

HPS+ is an MA programme that is regularly studied over a period of 4 semesters (two years of study).

The first year of the study programme focuses on the extension and consolidation of philosophical, historical and cultural knowledge of the sciences and the humanities. Different course prerequisites are balanced. Students are enabled to broaden their previous knowledge and gain new basic skills.

The second year provides opportunities for indepth studies and specialisation. Students extend their gained knowledge and enhance their compentence in scientific methods. They can either follow their own main research (at RUB or abroad) or conduct an application-oriented project in a work experience (e.g. an internship). Thereby students learn how to acquire on their own new knowledge and skills.

During the entire study programme students develop representative, communicative and social competences they need for their future jobs in or outside academia.

Modulplan Engl Hps