The Philosophy Departments at Bochum (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Tilburg (The Netherlands) coordinate their graduate education in philosophy of language, mind, and science. In this context, two week-long meetings are organized, which bring together students from all three locations as well as interested graduate students from other universities. Each meeting focuses on one main topic, which is covered in extended tutorials by invited speakers. Additionally, students are invited to present and discuss their own work. Finally, a one-day workshop with several invited speakers rounds off the program.
The first two meetings focus on the philosophy of psychology. They address topics on the intersection between the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science. The Bochum week (10-14 November 2008) addresses the issue ‘Rationality, Consciousness and the Architecture of the Mind’ with José Luis Bermúdez, Peter Carruthers and Michael Esfeld as Keynote speaker. The Tilburg week (17-21 November 2008), on ‘Reasoning and Decision Making’, features Ulrike Hahn, Michiel van Lambalgen, Michael Pauen and J.D. Trout as invited speakers.

The graduate school is kindly sponsored by the DAAD within the “Bi-national graduate program”.


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