• Philosophiedidaktik, Philosophie der Bildung, erfahrungswissenschaftliche und methodologische Fragen einer qualitativen Erforschung des Philosophieunterrichts
  • methodologische Fragen der anwendungsbezogenen Ethik (insb. Technik- und Wissenschaftsethik)
  • Praktische Philosophie/Ethik (insb. transzendentale und klugheitsethische Argumentationen; Aristoteles, Kant, Hegel, Peirce, Diskursethik)


Journal of Didactics of Philosophy

The Journal of Didactics of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to research on the teaching and learning of philosophy. It is edited by Jonas Pfister (Bern/Switzerland) and Philipp Richter (Bochum/Germany). The journal is published online twice a year. The access to all articles is free. Articles may be about any level of education, however the main focus is on high school philosophy. We welcome work with a philosophical or normative approach as well as reports of results from empirical qualitative and quantitative research. The journal also publishes reviews of books, textbooks and other educational material of international interest as well as country reports. These reports present information about ways of teaching philosophy, its institutions and activities in different countries. It is an aim of the journal to promote the dialogue among researchers and practicing teachers across the world.

Please note: Country Reports, Book Reviews and Research Articles are always welcome. If someone is currently thinking about preparing an article we are also happy to discuss manuscripts and drafts before double blind review.

Please contact the website of the journal for further information and to download the issues: