Climate, Energy, and Ethics

Research unit „Climate, Energy, and Ethics“


The aim of this research unit is

  •  to establish a place that brings together RUB researchers who work in the relevant fields of climate change, climate ethics, climate economics, climate and energy policy, on the transformation of the energy industry, on energy security, and on the development of renewable energies etc.
  • to foster the cooperation and exchange of researchers and research groups nationally and internationally
  •  to organize relevant lectures, workshops and conferences, and to raise the funds needed for that purpose
  •  to initiate relevant interdisciplinary research projects and to raise the external funds they require 
  • to publish intensely on the normative questions concerning climate change and sustainable energy supply
  • to treat these questions in the universities' courses and to get students interested in the pertinent issues
  •  to acquire and document relevant literature (books, journals, reports, etc.) and to improve in this way students’ and researchers’ conditions at RUB for working on climate-related issues
  •  to communicate the problem of climate change and the related normative questions to the broader public outside university
  •  to provide doctoral students with a concrete place to carry out their research and to exchange views with other doctoral students and researchers




Room: GA 3/154
Tel.: +49-234-32-22719