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Monday, March 14th
11.30-13.15 Lecture I:
Tim Crane: Non-existent objects
15.15-17.30 Lecture II:
Tim Crane: Psychologism, semantics and the non-existent
Tuesday, March 15th
10.15-12.15 Lecture III:
Katalin Farkas: Extended Minds
Graduate Workshop:
14.15-14:55 Ludwig Jaskolla
Active Externalism and "Serious" Spatio-Temporal Worms
14:55-15:35 Alexander auf der Straße
Empirical Adequacy of certain Functionalisms
15.35-16.00 Break
16.00-16.40 Andres Sanchez
Feeling something together,
Feelings of Being-Together and Caring-With
16.40-17.20 Suilin Lavelle
Enactive accounts of social cognition and pre-linguistic cognition
Public Lecture
18.15-20.00 Tim Crane: What is distinctive of human thought?
Wednesday, March 16th
10.15-12.15 Public Lecture
Katalin Farkas: Extended Selves
Lecture I - III: GA 04/187
Public Lecture: HGA 20
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