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Ethics of Risk

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Ethics of Financial Markets

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Economic Ethics

  • Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik
  • Zeitschrift: Rationality, Markets and Morals. Studies at the Intersection of Philosophy and Economics
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Global Ethics

  • Jones, Charles. Global Justice: Defending Cosmopolitanism (frei verfügbar bei Google Books)
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Philosophy of Biology

  • Zeitschrift „Biology and Philosophy
  • Ayala, Francisco J.; Arp, Robert (Hg.): Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology, Malden/Oxford: Blackwell 2010
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Animal Ethics

  • umfangreiche Bibliographie englischsprachiger Texte zur Tierethik:
  • Armstrong, Susan; Botzler, Richard G. (Hg.): The Animal Ethics Reader, London: Routledge 2003
  • Donovan, Josephine; Adams, Carol J. (Hg.): The Feminist Care Tradition in Animal Ethics, New York: Columbia University Press 2007
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  • Wolf, Ursula (Hg.): Texte zur Tierethik, Stuttgart: Reclam 2008



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