Abbreviationes™ – Medieval Abbreviations Made Easy

Abbreviationes™, the first database of medieval Latin abbreviations (first publicly shown in 1992, generally available since 1993), is a great tool for deciphering and transcribing medieval Latin manuscripts. It is a standard reference work and reflects the state of contemporary scholarship. Originally developed for the Apple Macintosh family of computers, Abbreviationes™ is now published exclusively on the Internet, following the long-term trend away from native applications to Web-based applications (“cloud computing”). The benefits are manifold.


Abbreviationes™ is now just a browser away. All you need is a Web browser connected to the Internet. That’s it. There is nothing to install, no settings to configure, and no usernames or passwords to remember. And you can access Abbreviationes™ from anywhere that you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, even from your smartphone. Abbreviationes™ is now platform independent – you will always get a consistent experience and the latest features without needing to install any updates, no matter what device you use. Free trial accounts are available.

Abbreviationes™ Online

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