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News - History

Goodbye to Maria Bernal
Lara SuckutOne of our longest-standing scientists is looking for new challenges. We wish you all the best, dear Maria!
  Hiroyuki Seebach has a doctorate
Hiroyuki SeebachCongratulations, dear Dr. Hiro, on passing the doctoral examination!
    Natalia got married
Lara SuckutCongratulations on your wedding, Natalia and Angus!
Bianca Horstmann says goodbye
Bianca HorstmannOur secretary goes new ways. Thank you very much Bianca for your versatile support.
  Farewell to Lara Suckut
Lara SuckutOur Bioinformatics Team lost a highly valuable member. All the best, dear Lara.
   How plants regulate their sugar balance
Anna SchultenPlant Cell Paper on the function of the regulatory protein SPL7 by the Krämer team published.
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Original Paper
Nature Communications Paper
Rebekka FresenNature Communications paper on diphthamide published by Krämer team
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Original Paper
  Ute Krämer - Member of BBAW
ERC LogoUte Krämer was admitted to the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
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  Wallenfels meeting 2022
ERC LogoNatalia and Ute attended this years' Wallenfels meeting 19-21 May 2022.
(Click on the picture to see the group photo.)
Farewell to Dr. Vanesa Sanchez Garcia de la Torre, Dr. Filip Pošćić, Dr. Hassan Ahmadi und Dr. Hongliang Zhang
ERC LogoWe say goodbye to our dear colleagues and wish you all the best for your scientific career.
  Farewell to Dana Emanuela Tiodar
ERC Logo We say goodbye to our dear colleague Dana Emanuela Tiodar and wish her all the best for her PhD in Romania!
   Support to Ukrainian scientists
ERC LogoOffers of assistance for people from Ukraine from the RUB: Web-Link
Philipp Schwartz-Initiative for scientists at risk: Web-Link
Farewell to Joachim Schab

				  MTP2-Icon With a heavy heart we say goodbye to our long-time colleague Joachim Schab and wish him all the best for his "retirement"!
Ars legendi Faculty Award

				  Ars legendi-IconCongratulations to Markus Piotrowski from our group for winning the Ars legendi Faculty Award for Excellent Teaching in Biology 2019!
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  Doctoral examination
Lara Syllwasschy

				  MTP2-IconCongratulations to Lara Syllwasschy for completing her PhD »Population genomic analyses of local adaptation in Arabidopsis halleri«.
  Doctoral examination
Gwonjin Lee

				  MTP2-IconCongratulations to Gwonjin Lee for completing his PhD »Natural variation of Cd hypertolerance and local adaptation to heavy metal-contaminated soil in Arabidopsis halleri«.
Doctoral examination
Anna Schulten

				  MTP2-IconCongratulations to Anna Schulten for completing her PhD »Regulatory integration of metal homeostasis with metabolism and development in Arabidopsis thaliana«.
  »PPÜ goes digital« gehört zu den 5x5000-Gewinnern
Icon LaborantinDas eLearning-Konzept von PD Dr. Markus Piotrowski gehört zu den diesjährigen Gewinnern des 5x5000-Wettbewerbs.
New paper published

				  MTP2-IconSystemic upregulation of MTP2- and HMA2-mediated Zn partitioning to the shoot supplements local Zn deficiency responses of Arabidopsis
  Why plants grow sprouts in the dark
Bild der WissenschaftGreen plants with leaves are created by light. Not in the dark. The signal responsible for this is now deciphered
to the "RUB Science"article
Original publication
   Jan Riering – a „Meister“

				  Jan Riering MeisterbriefCongratulations to our gardener Jan Riering for passing the exams: He is now a „Meister“!
Ute Krämer is one of the most cited researchers in the world.
ERC LogoThis is announced in the current ranking "Highly Cited Researchers 2018".
  Academy of Sciences and the Arts
ERC LogoUte Krämer was elected as a member of The North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts
Press release AKDW NRW
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Photos of the anniversary
ERC LogoProfessor Dr. Ute Krämer is delighted to receive a European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC-AdG)
News Release ERC
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Farewell to our colleague
Dr. Ines Kubigsteltig

Abschied von Ines KubigsteltigWe don't want to part with our nice colleague Ines, who supported us for 20 years with her skills in research, teaching and management. All the best, dear Ines!
  Justin goes to the Netherlands
Abschied von Justin AndersonDr. Justin Anderson moves on to "Nunhems Vegetable Seeds" after one year as a bioinformatician. We owe him decisive impulses for our research. Best of luck for the future, Justin!
  Angelika Ernst goes into "retirement"
Abschied von Angelika ErnstCompetently and with heart, Angelika Ernst has supported our chair for almost 20 years. Thank you Angelika!
Why plants grow sprouts in the dark
Bild der WissenschaftGreen plants with leaves are created by light. Not in the dark. The signal responsible for this is now deciphered.
to the "RUB Science"article
original publication
  WAZ extra article about Ute Krämer
WAZ extraIn his article „Superplant is a heavy metal hoover” Mr Felix Kanngießer publishes a portrait of our research.
Online article (without photos)
  Ales Pecinka held his inaugural lecture
Ales Pecinka and Ute KrämerCongratulations to your habilitation and thank you for your teaching activites in our department during the past years, Ales!
New Phytologist
New Phytologist LogoPublication online on diversity in Arabidopsis halleri
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  Highly Cited Researcher 2016
BakteriumProf. Ute Krämer has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher again! 
Highly Cited Researchers
RUB Aktuellportal (2014)
  Ute Krämer and Alan Baker
Ute Krämer and Alan BakerUte has spoken at »ASPB Meeting« in Austin/Texas and at »Biometals« Meeting in Dresden, an opportunity to meet up with Alan Baker.
Podcast: lecture by Ute Krämer
Icon RUB50-VorträgeDownload the lecture by Prof. Ute Krämer »Schwermetalle: Pflanzen als Vermittler zwischen Umwelt und menschlichem Wohlergehen« as part of the series
»50 Jahre – 50 Vorträge«.
visit the website
  3Sat nano about Phytomining
Icon nano 3SatA team from 3Sat »nano« made two short films at the the Department of »Molecular Genetics and Physiology of Plants« that can be viewed in the mediathek of the 3Sat station.
Website of 3Sat nano
Video 1 (3Sat-Mediathek)
Video 2 (3Sat-Mediathek)
  DRadio Wissen Grünstreifen
Icon DRadio WissenUte Krämer interviewed by Manuel Unger on the subject of phytomining within the magazine "Grünstreifen".
Download Podcast
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
Phytomining ZinkThe Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine published an article about the biologists Ute Krämer, Alan Baker and Rufus Chaney on the topic 'phytomining - how plants get metals from the ground'. (Issue 40 2014).
Read the article
  Beauty of Science
BakteriumESRF highlights Camille's recent images of elemental distribution in the Arabidopsis leaf
Visit ESRF Website
  Motherboard online magazine
Phytomining ZinkThe online magazine 'Motherboard' published an article about Ute Krämer and the topic 'phytomining'.
Read the article
Superplants - die blühende Revolution
Arte LogoArte documentary "Superplants" on metal hyperaccumulator plant research receives the "UMSICHT" Science Prize of the Science Forum Ruhr e.V.", 5 July 2017.
press release
  New Phytomining-Articles in "Bild der Wissenschaft" and "DFG-Forschung"
Bild der WissenschaftIn issue 2-2017 of "BDW" and the DFG magazine "Forschung" there is an article about the work of Mrs. Krämer.
Download DFG "Forschung" 2/2017
  “Don't take my heavy metal, man!”
BakteriumAC/DC? Metallica?? Motorhead???
“No, iron and manganese!”: The effects of ionophores in bacteria revealed!
Zum Proteomics-Journal Artikel