High-resolution infrared spectroscopy

Spectroscopy close to absolute zero

In this experiment, we embed molecules in ultracold, superfluid helium nanodroplets at 0.37 K to investigate their structure and dynamics. Microsolvation and microaggregation of molecular clusters are studied using high-resolution infrared spectroscopy.

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Most important publications

Pfeilicon"Observation of the low-frequency spectrum of water trimer as a sensitive test of the water-trimer potential and the dipole moment surface", M. Havenith, R. Schwan, C. Qu, D. Mani, N. Pal, G. Schwaab, J.M. Bowman, G. Tschumper, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 11399 (2020)

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"Observation of the low‐frequency spectrum of the water dimer as a sensitive test of the water dimer potential and dipole moment surfaces", R. Schwan, C. Qu, D. Mani, N. Pal, L. van der Meer, B. Redlich, C. Leforestier, J. M. Bowman, G. Schwaab, M. Havenith, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 58, 13119 (2019).

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