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Prof. Dr. Anette Pankratz



RUBarts international

What does International mean exactly?
The module enables the participants, to rethink and refocus their perceptions of the campus, to experiment with the semantics of space and to get to know and apply the strategies of site specific art. In the first part, the participants get to know the basics of site specific art and they explore the campus of the Ruhr-University with a view to its potential for a rewriting of its meanings with the methods of visual and performative arts. Rob Brannen and Jill Cowley from the De Montfort University Leicester will offer a one-week workshop in which they also supervise the artistic projects of the participants. As these projects will be public, everyone who happens to be on campus during the workshop will participate - either as curious, intrigued or annoyed spectators or as willing or unwilling participants.

The Module

Application: Interested students can apply via e-mail to Karin Freymeyer or Alexander Grünsel by April, 11st 2016.