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Anna Gansbergen, M.A.
Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaft
LS Soziologie/ Organisation, Migration, Mitbestimmung
GB 04/46
Tel +49 (0)234 / 32 - 24067

Prof. Dr. Ludger Pries





MApping REfugees' arrivals at the Mediterranean borders (MAREM)

Routes into "Fortress Europe"?
During the 2-semester teaching project using Google Earth we will create a publicly accessible information and knowledge platform, based on the research findings stemming from the project performed by the students (document analysis, data analysis, expert interviews, etc.), bringing together relevant information about migrants’ routes, European migration regimes and international actors. The objective of the 2-term research project module MAREM "Mapping Refugees' arrivals at the Mediterranean borders" is to gain a common solid understanding of current European migration policy, migration sociology and Mediterranean area studies. We will in particular focus on: What routes do migrants choose to enter the "Fortress Europe"? From which countries? What is the role of state migration policies and migration regimes in the Schengen Area? Which state as well as non-state actors play a major role on the routes to "Fortress Europe"?

The Module

Application: Interested students can apply via e-mail. Please submit a motivation letter (approx. 300 words) to Anna Gansbergen, M.A. ( by October, 21st 2015.