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Cooperative Research Project Taiwan als Pionier (TAP)

The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has awarded a grant to four post-doc researchers to conduct the joint research program TAP (Taiwan as a Pioneer) for a duration of four years.

Bochum is one of the participating centers for Taiwan studies in Germany, next to Trier and Tübingen. In Bochum the program will be directed by Dr. Chien Hung-yi 簡宏逸. It has started on 1 February 2022.

Outline of the Program TAP

Taiwan is a political and social pioneer. Recently, this has become evident in the successful handling of the CoVid 19 pandemic or Taiwan’s inclusive language policies. Yet to date, the historical, cultural and sociopolitical reasons for Taiwan’s role as a trailblazer have not been studied in depth. Broad-based social and political participation is one of the salient features of the coping strategies for dealing with global challenges.

The joint research program TAP (Taiwan as a pioneer) pursues the question of which institutional frameworks conditions and social actors have made it possible for Taiwan to assume such a pioneering role. The program is being designed and implemented by post-doctoral researchers from political science, sociology, literature and history.

TAP at Bochum: Dr. Chien Hung-yi’s Research on Taiwan’s Educational History

The sub-project at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum explores the historical perspectives of education and educational policy. Using the example of Taiwan's first teacher training institution and leading university of education, archival material will be used to examine how a modern, multidisciplinary education system for Taiwanese students was established during the colonial era.

Scientific concepts such as hygiene and modern agriculture were codified in the curricula and socially implemented. In the postwar period, the nationalist government used the education system to achieve control over body, language, and thought. The project will show that education served as a foundation to transform the island into a modern, meritocratic society and today enables political participation, gender equity, and integration of indigenous groups and migrants.

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