Faculty of East Asian Studies

Library 圖書館 Tôo-su-kuán

The Research Unit houses a library of more than 6000 volumes. The majority of these are books and journals on Taiwanese literature and culture. Currently, the Research Unit has been collaborating with the Taiwan History Institute of Academia Sinica, and purchased up-to-date publications on Taiwan studies. The Taiwan Research Library collection is globally accessible via the University Library online catalogue. The library is located inside the University Library building on the 4th floor, rooms 4/2-3.

Suwenxue Congkan 俗文學叢刊 (Digital Database)

The library also holds a complete volume set of Suwenxue congkan 俗文學叢刊 / Folk Literature: Materials in the Collection of the Institute of History and Philology (Taipei: Shin Wen Feng, 2002–2006). For further information on the ongoing indexing project, please see Database


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