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Database Collection CrossAsia

The East and Southeast Asia Virtual Library – CrossAsia offers access to research information in East and Southeast Asian studies. CrossAsia is cooperatively organised and modular structured.

General / Related Links

Asia Resources on the WWW [Association for Asian Studies]

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library [Australian National University]

Chinese Language Information Page [guides to viewing and listening to Chinese on the web, links to Chinese-language relate FTP sites, sources of Chinese text files, Chinese educations resources, resources for East Asian librarianship, Chinese-language radio broadcasts; has searchable "Global Chinese People Finder"]

Chinese Movie Database

Chinese Readers Network [links to Chinese original texts]

Council on East Asian Libraries [numerous links to online resources for the countries of East Asia, and to libraries with East Asian collections]

East Asian WWW Virtual Library [This site is part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Has direct links to relevant WWW virtual libraries, including those for China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, South Chinese Sea, Taiwan, and Tibet; links to catalogs of East Asia web resources, including listservs and institutions.]

iFilm Connections: Asia & Pacific

Internet Guide for China Studies (IGCS)

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center (MCLC) [This resource center contains, among other things, bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture. The Center also publishes articles and book reviews. Join the MCLC Discussion List.]

New Threads [links to Chinese e-texts, incl. journals and literary texts]

Taiwan Documents Project Gateway [searchable archive of maps, images, and texts relating to disputes over Taiwan; includes texts of treaties]

Associations and Institutions

Arbeitsgemeinschaft junger Chinawissenschaftler/innen (Study Group of Young Researchers on China)

Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde (German Association for Asian Studies) (DGA)

Fachverband Chinesisch (Association for Chinese Language Teaching in German Speaking Countries) (FaCh)

European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL)

European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS)

Freie Universität Berlin, Seminar of East Asian Studies

German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

Landesspracheninstitut/Sinicum (State Language Institute/Sinicum) (LSI)

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)

Universität Zürich, Ostasiatisches Seminar (University of Zurich, East Asian Seminar)

Zhongguo Xiandai Wenxueguan 中国现代文学馆 [Beijing]


Chinese Tools

China the Beautiful numerous entries on Chinese art, calligraphy, literature, history, philosophy]

Exercise Materials for Learning Chinese

Pinyin pronunciation for Mandarin [very well organized website of the University of Oxford with good recording quality]

Chinese Pronunciation Guide [comprehensive webpage of Harvard University; average recording quality]

Chinese Language Program [very well organized website of the University of Southern California; demonstrates the correct stroke order for ca. 700 of the most commonly used character (non-simplified traditional characters and simplified characters); animated]

Learning Chinese Online [contains a plethora of links to other pages that concern various aspects of modern Chinese, including some that demonstrate the correct stroke order]

Bilingual News [Chinese news from all over the world with English translations]

New Chinese [Everyday Chinese Expressions]

Academic Journals

Bochum Yearbook of East Asian Studies

Bulletin of the Society for Nature and Ethnic Studies of East Asia