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Handouts of Selected Lectures

  1. Adaptive finite element methods for non-stationary convection-diffusion problems
    Lecture, Universität Tübingen, July 2017
    download 416 kB
  2. Robust a posteriori estimates for stabilized finite element discretizations of non-stationary convection-diffusion problems
    Lecture, Oberwolfach, January 2017
    download 346 kB
  3. Robust a posteriori estimates for non-stationary convection-diffusion problems
    Lecture, Universität Magdeburg, June 2013
    download 328 kB
  4. A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Biharmonic Equation
    Lectures, University Milan, February 2013 and Université Paris 6, March 2013
    download 420 kB
  5. Beyond Luck -- Mathematics and Games
    Lecture, University Milan, November 2012
    download 315 kB
  6. A Posteriori Error Analysis of Space-Time Finite Element Discretizations of the Time-Dependent Stokes Equations
    Lecture, University Milan, February 2011
    download 360 kB
  7. Robust a posteriori estimates for non-stationary convection-diffusion problems
    Lecture, Université Paris 6, July 2010
    download 304 kB
  8. A posteriori Fehlerabschätzungen mit expliziten Konstanten
    Lecture, Universität München, June 2010
    download 500 kB
  9. Constant-Free A Posteriori Error Estimates
    Lecture, Universität Duisburg, May 2010
    download 500 kB
  10. Mathematische Knobeleien - Eine Einführung in die mathematische Denkweise
    Project of the Girls' Day 2010 (in German), Universität Bochum, April 2010
    download 200 kB
  11. Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Lecture Series, University Milan, March 2010
    download 952 kB
  12. Mathematik und Spiel - Ohne Glück zum Sieg?
    Lecture (in German), Universität Bochum, October 2009
    download 152 kB
  13. A Posteriori Error Analysis for the Method of Characteristics
    Lecture, Kirchzarten, September 2009
    download 152 kB
  14. Explicit Upper Bounds for Dual Norms of Residuals
    Lecture, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, October 2008
    download 144 kB
  15. A review of robust a posteriori error estimates.
    Lecture, Wolfgang Pauli Institut Wien, January 2008
    download 264 kB