Dr. rer. nat. Elodie Saruco

Neuroscience of Sports
Haus 4 -1/20b
0234 302 3515
Elodie Saruco

Main research

How our personal experiences may shape our brain has always intrigued me. After a PhD in Lyon (France), where I investigated the effects of motor imagery (i.e., the internal representation of a movement) on the recovery of locomotion capacities after lower-limb amputation, I felt increasingly attracted to a more fundamental understanding of neuroplasticity processes and turned to the MRI methodology. Besides the investigation of lower-limb amputation and motor imagery effects on neuroplasticity (under investigation in Madrid, Spain), I am currently extending my area of research towards the field of food addiction in the Bergmannsheil Clinic.
I have the greater interest in contributing to the better understanding of eating disorders and to the development of reliable non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches.

Curriculum vitae

since 2018
Postdoctoral fellow, Neuroimaging research on plasticity, University clinic Bergmannsheil (Germany)

2017 - 2018
Teaching and research assistant, University of Lyon (France)

Rhône-Alpes Research Grant for Neuroimaging Research

2014 - 2017
PhD in Sport Science w/ focus on neuroscience, University of Lyon (France)
PhD scholarship by the French Ministry

2013 - 2014
University Diploma, University of Clermont-Ferrand (France)

2012 - 2013
Research Master 2, University of Lyon (France)

2011 - 2012
Research Master 1 Adapted physical activity, University of Lyon (France)

2010 - 2011
Bachelor in Sports training, University of Lyon 1 (France)


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