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Gutierrez DV, Mark MD, Masseck O, Maejima T, Kuckelsberg D, Hyde RA, Krause M, Kruse W, Herlitze S.(2011)
Optogenetic control of motor coordination by Gi/o protein-coupled vertebrate rhodopsin in cerebellar.
J Biol Chem. 286:25848-25858.

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Krause M, Bräucker R, Hemmersbach R. (2010)
Gravitaxis in Stylonychia mytilus is based on membrane potential changes.
J. Exp. Biol., 213, 161-171.

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Krause M, Hoffmann KP. (2009)
Shift of chloride reversal potential in neurons of the accessory optic system in albinotic rats.
Exp. Brain. Res., 199(3-4): 345-353.

Krause M, Bräucker R. (2009)
Gravitaxis of Bursaria truncatella: Electrophysiological and behavioural analyses of a large ciliate cell.
Eur. J. Protistol., 45(2):98-111.

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Krause M, Bräucker R, Hemmersbach R. (2006)
Graviresponses of Paramecium biaurelia during parabolic flights.
Protoplasma, 229(2-4):109-116.

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Hemmersbach R, Krause M, Bräucker R, Ivanova K. (2005)
Graviperception in ciliates: steps in the transduction chain.
Adv. Space Res. 35(2), 296-309.

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Hemmersbach R, Bromeis B, Bräucker R, Krause M, Freiberger N, Stieber C and Wilczek M. (2001)
Paramecium - a model system for studying cellular graviperception.
Adv. Space Res. 27 (5), 893-898.

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