Neurolucida 3D Reconstruction

is a software program for brain mapping and anatomical and neuron reconstruction. It is mounted on a Zeiss Axioskop upright microscope with a high-resolution motorized stage. With this system brightfield as well as fluorescent probes can be reconstructed. Different objectives (Fluar 10x/0.5, Fluar 20x/0.75, Plan-Neofluar 5x/0.15, Plan-Neofluar 40x/0.75, CP-Achromat 100x/1.25 Oil) and fluorescent filter sets (EX BP 450-490, BS FT 510, EM BP 515-565) are available. In addition Neurolucida offers a separate stereology package that allows the user to estimate cell number and morphological properties of 3D structures from 2D data (e.g. images, thin sections, or multiple serial sections). For more information please contact Dr. Katharina Spoida.


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