Leica MZ 16 FA

The fluorescence stereomicroscope Leica MZ16 FA has a zoom capability of 16:1 (7.1x -115x with 1x objectiv; 14.2x - 230x with 2x objectiv). The highest resolution is 840 LP/mm = 0,6ยต. It has a patented illumination/filter system for the most intense fluorescence, a motorized zoom and a motorized filter changer for 4 filter sets. For more information please contact Dr. Katharina Spoida.

Available filter sets:

Filter Fluoreszenz
TXR: Anregungsfilter HQ560/55x; Sperrfilter HQ645/75 Alexa 594 /Texas Red
FITC: Anregungsfilter HQ480/40x; Sperrfilter HQ535/50 Cy2, Alexa 488
für Granular Blue:
Anregungsfilter:D360/50; SperrfilterE420/LP
für Fluorogold:
Anregungsfilter:D360/50; SperrfilterE515/LP


Dr. Katharina Spoida
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Tel.: 28343

Fees / Hour

Fakultät Biologie

10 Euro
externe Lehrstühle

30 Euro