Targeted proteomics techniques allow accurate quantitative measurements of analytes in complex matrices with dynamic linear ranges that span up to 4-5 orders of magnitude. Hence, targeted methods are promising for the development of robust protein assays in several sensitive areas, e.g. in health care. However, exploiting the full method potential requires reliable determination of the dynamic range along with related quantification limits for each analyte.
Here, we present a software named CalibraCurve that enables an automated batch-mode determination of dynamic linear ranges and quantification limits for both targeted proteomics and similar assays. The software uses a variety of measures to assess the accuracy of the calibration, namely precision and trueness. Two different kinds of customizable graphs are created (calibration curves and response factor plots). The accuracy measures and the graphs offer an intuitive, detailed and reliable opportunity to assess the quality of the model fit.

CalibraCurve is freely available under the 3-clause BSD license.
The download opportunity below includes an R script and an implementation as KNIME workflow.
The download also comprises a datailed manual and an example data set along with corresponding example result files.

CalibraCurve was published in:
Kohl, M., Stepath, M., Bracht, T., Megger, D.A., Sitek, B., Marcus, K. and Eisenacher, M. (2020), CalibraCurve: A Tool for Calibration of Targeted MS‐based Measurements. Proteomics. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1002/pmic.201900143

CalibraCurve manual   (1.3 MB)