Upcoming BioInfra.Prot trainings and workshops

de.NBI BioInfra.Prot Tool-Training for proteomics
16th Oct 2018, Bochum

de.NBI BioInfra.Prot Tool-Training for proteomics
07th Dec 2017, Bochum

de.NBI Differential Analysis Of Quantitative Proteomics Data Using R
13th Nov 2017, Bochum

Previous BioInfra.Prot trainings and workshops

EuBIC 2017 Winter School, January 10th, Semmering, Austria Workshop II: Proteomics standard formats, data conversions and repository upload

de.NBI Differential Analysis Of Proteomic Data Using R

de.NBI Summer School 2016 - From Big Data to Big Insights

de.NBI DGMS - Workshop: Special aspects of Bioinformatics methods in MS-based Proteomics

Flyer DGMS Workshop   (192.8 kB)

GCB-Tutorial - Fundamentals of Proteome Bioinformatics Revisited


(FKZ 031 A 534A & B)