Pedro Carneiro PhD

Research assistant


Work History
Pedro Carneiro received his PhD in History from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In 2018 his doctoral thesis was awarded the Research Prize of the National Archives of Brazil. Between 2015 and 2016 he had the opportunity to work as a guest researcher at the Institute for Social Movements at the Ruhr University Bochum. Pedro has worked as a consultant and researcher in several international organizations. Most recently, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Fluminense Federal University (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), working on innovative research in the field of digital history. Since 2022 he has been a Research Associate within the project Forschendes Lernen mit Oral History in der Geschichtswissenschaft (FLOH) at the Ruhr University in Bochum.
Research Focus
  • National History Association (Brazil)
Professional Affiliations
  • Authoritarian regimes and dictatorships in the 20th century
  • History of Brazil
  • Contemporary History of Latin America
  • Digital history in application to historiography
  • History of Historiography
  • Transitional Justice
  • Collections
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro und Leite, Isabel Cristina (Hg.): Transitional Justice in Latin America. Challenges and possibilities between the past and the future. 5. Ed. Buenos Aires: 2015. V. 4. 193 p.
  • Books
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Reinventing the enemy: history, politics, and memory in the assembly of the dossiers and counter- dossiers from Brazil’s military dictatorship, 1964-2001. Rio de Janeiro: AN, 2022.
  • ZArticles: Journals & Anthologies
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: On History and memory: some reflections on the process of transitional justice from the experience of Uruguay (1985-2005)”. In Leighton, Pablo and Fernando Lopez. (eds). 2015. “40 years are nothing: History and memory of the 1973 coups d’état in Uruguay and Chile.” New Castle, UK: Cambridge Scholar Publishing.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Transitional justice and transitional processes: some historical aspects from the Uruguayan experience. In Revista Ars Historica 8a Edição | 2014, p.23-40. ISSN [2178- 244X]. (Available only in Portuguese).
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: What is left of the dictatorship and what of us was there in the first place? History and memory in transitional justice mechanisms in Brazil. In Revista Cantareira (Dossiê Os legados das ditaduras Civis- militares 20a Edição Jan-Jun | 2014, p.06-15. ISSN [1677- 7794]. (Available only in Portuguese)
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Who must die? Some reflections on history and memory in the adoption of the Law 9.140/95, that creates the Special Commission on the Dead and forced disappeared people for political reasons in Brazil. In: SILVEIRA, Omar (Org.) Questões de América Latina contemporânea: novos objetos, novas dimensões, novas temporalidades. Belo Horizonte: Fino Traço, 2016. (Available only in Portuguese).
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: A brief sociology on postgraduate research about children and adolescent Councils of rights within Brazil. In: Santos, Benedito Rodrigues dos; Filho, Rodrigo de Souza; Duriguetto, Maria Lúcia. (Org.). Conselhos dos Direitos: desafios teóricos e práticos das experiências de democratização no campo da criança e do adolescente. 1ed.Juiz de Fora: Editora UFJF, 2011, v., p. 15-38. (Available only in Portuguese).
  • Miscellaneous
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Launch of the History of Dictatorship Channel. “Art on speech by Senator Auro de Moura Andrade”. Creation and editing: 20/10/2016.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Series of Interviews with Historians on the History and Memory of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil. Available at:
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Podcast (Transitional Justice): Transitional justice: advances and setbacks. (2021) Podcast. Available at:
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Short-Documentary Film (Editing, Script, Direction): Costa, Aryana; Teixeirense, Pedro; Geminiano Wagner (2021): ANPUH:60 ANOS. (2021).
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Observatory of Denialism: Digital Humanities Project. Design and production of content on social media. Creation and Coordination: Instagram Profile.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Translation from English into Portuguese: SHARNAK, Debbie. “Silences, human rights and Uruguay’s 1989 Amnesty Referendum”. TALLER (Segunda Época). Revista de Sociedad, Cultura y Política en América Latina Vol. 4, N° 5 (2015) ISSN: 0328-7726.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Translation from Spanish into Portuguese: TRINIDAD, Carlos Benítez. “Un campo de batalla seguro para luchar contra el Estado military: la cuestión indígena”. História da Ditadura. 2017.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro & et al. Translation from Spanish into Portuguese. LANDER, Edgardo. Crisis Civilizatoria – experiencias de los gobiernos progessistas y debates en la izquierda latioamericana. (2022) forthcoming.
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: Latein Amerika Nachrichten. “Die Demokratie nie akzeptiert: Interview mit dem Historiker Pedro Teixeirense über einen möglichen Militärputsch in Brasilien.“ Available:
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: “Are the shores of the past, limits of the present? Identity, democracy and dictatorship in Brazil's recent history”. Book Review: AARÃO REIS, Daniel. Ditadura e Demoocracia no Brasl: do golpe de 1964 a constituição de 1988. Rio de Janeiro: Zahar, 2014. (Available only in Portuguese).
    • Carneiro Teixeirense, Pedro: “Letters about the past, letters for the future: disputes for the memory in the Uruguayan transition”. Book Review: ALLIER MONTAÑO, Eugenia. Batallas por la memoria: los usos políticos del pasado em Uruguay. México: UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones sociales; Montevideo, Uruguay: Ediciones Trilce, 2011.
  • 2021
    • The historiographical path of the object as a research tool: how to build a database for historians? A digital project about the Peasant Leagues. 31st National History Conference. Rio de Janeiro, July 2021.
    • One world? Transnational interaction between anti-nuclear movements: Cooperation and disenchantment between Brazil and Germany. Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg-Essen & Centre for the Study of Transnational Europe, University of Portsmouth. June, 2021.
  • 2016
  • 2015
    • Respondent at “Transitional Justice and Civic Participation” Conference Challenging Conventional Wisdom Assessing the Impact of Transitional Justice Mechanisms on Democratic Institution- Building. University of Utrecht – Netherlands, 2015.
    • “Is there room for History? Clashes between opposing narratives and the profile of the victims of the military dictatorship in the National Truth Commission’s Final report”. Seminar The Brazilian National Truth Commission in the context of Latin America: Local, National and Global Perspective. Hannover – Germany, 2015.
  • 2014
    • “Which name? Limits and challenges for onomastic research in transitional contexts. Reflections on the model of transitional justice in the Brazilian case”. International Seminar ‘1964-2014: um olhar crítico, para não esquecer’. Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Belo Horizonte – Brazil, 2014. (Available only in Portuguese).
    • “Transitional justice à la carte: the political boundaries of the Brazilian reconciliation”. Lecture Series ‘A ditadura faz 50 anos: passado, presente e futuro”. Sindicato dos Professores do Município do Rio de Janeiro e Região (SINPRO). Rio de Janeiro– Brazil, 2014. (Original presentation in Portuguese).
    • “Brazil and United States: history & politics – similarites and differences”. Lecture Series on the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE). Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, 2014.
    • “Shaping transitional justice in Brazil: a history of the Amnesty Commission (1979-2014)”. International Seminar Transiting from dictatorship: Chile and Brazil’s histories and memories. Latin American Research Group (LATITUDES). Sydney – Australia, 2014. (videoconference).
    • “Loose Papers: Truth, history and rhetoric in narratives presented to the Amnesty Commission”. Seminar “História, Poder e Política VIII - A ditadura faz 50 anos. Federal Fluminense University (UFF). Niterói – Brazil, 2014. (Original presentation in Portuguese).
    • “Ideas on transitional justice: the experience of a historian in the National Commission of Truth (CNV)”. Seminar História das Ditaduras Militares no Cone Sul. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro(UFRJ). Rio de Janeiro– Brazil, 2014. (Original presentation in Portuguese).
    • “Who counts an account, tells what? Reflections on history, rhetoric and transitional justice through analysis of the cases presented to the Amnesty Commission”. IX Journey of Historical Studies. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, 2014. (Original presentation in Portuguese).
  • Ruhr-University Bochum
    • Advanced seminar: Writing National Histories (mit Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger), 2016
  • University Brasília (UnB – Brasilien)
    • Advanced seminar: Contemporary history since 1945 (with Prof. Dr. Estevão Martins), 2004