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Kley, T., Volgushev, S., Dette, H. and Hallin, M. (2015+). Quantile spectral processes: Asymptotic analysis and inference. To appear in Bernoulli.

Dette, H., Hallin, M., Kley, T. and Volgushev, S. (2015+). Of copulas, quantiles, ranks and spectra: An $L_1$-approach to spectral analysis. Bernoulli, Vol. 21(2), 781-831.


Kley, T. (2014). Quantile-based spectral analysis in an object-oriented framework and a reference implementation in R. The quantspec Package (PDF).

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Kley, T. (2014). quantspec: Quantile-based Spectral Analysis Functions. R package (CRAN, GitHub).


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