Course Overview (Bachelor)

Below is a list of all Bachelor modules offered by the Chair of Macroeconomics. You can access further information about the modules in the Faculty Handbook. Information contained here is correct at the time of publication, but please note that amendments can occur.

Course Overview (Bachelor)
Bachelor Module SS 2019 WS 19/20 SS 2020 WS 20/21
Basics in Macroeconomics (alternating with Prof. Busse)
International Finance
Case Study Seminar on International Economics
Agent-based modeling in economics and business X X
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Economic Thinking and Basics of Scientific Theory X
Seminar in Macroeconomic Research I X
Behavioral Environmental Economics
Seminar in Macroeconomic Research II X

X: current semester
(X): preliminary planning

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Bachelor Study

Macroeconomics - Basics of Economic and Financial Policies

In your bachelor study the compulsory subject Basics of Macroeconomics(Grundlagen der Makroökonomik) gives you a broad overview of the field of macroeconomics. You receive information about leading questions and learn about analytical methods to answer those questions.

In the obligatory elective module area the chair of macroeconomics offers the opportunity to specialize in several different areas.

International Economics & Case Study Seminar on International Economics

In annual alternation with the Chair of International Economic Relations the lecture International Economics (Einführung in die Außenwirtschaft) and the matching Case Study Seminar on International Economics (Fallstudienseminar zur Außenwirtschaft) are offered. The lecture discusses essential coherence of international trade and capital transactions. The case study seminar is based on the lecture which should preferably be passed before you attend the seminar. The seminar handles contemporary issues of international economy on the basis of international researches of professional journals. In the case study seminar you learn to prepare a paper independently as well.

Intermediate Macroeconomics

The course “Intermediate Macroeconomics” reinforces the theoretical material from the module “Princi-pals of Macroeconomics”. A part of the content is covered by topics like monetary theory and monetary policy, where mechanisms of monetary and financial markets are discussed. Here, the banking system is another important component. In order to analyze monetary policy of central banks, we will deal with transmission mechanisms, instruments and applied strategies. Therefore, this module is a very good eco-nomic complement to modules from the banking courses at the business administration department. In the second part of this course, we will handle causes and consequences of economic growth.

Current Research Questions in Macroeconomics

The module Current Research Questions in Macroeconomics (Aktuelle Forschungsfragen in der Makroökonomik) should give you an insight in macroeconomic research. On the basis of international studies of professional journals the discussed themes in research literature and the way of working in macroeconomic studies are shown. This module is intended as preparation for a bachelor thesis at the chair of macroeconomics and for a master study with macroeconomic focus.

Registration for exams and seminars

Registrations for exams and seminars at the Chair of Macroeconomics are only binding if they are made ​​in FlexNow or via the CföB. Other forms of application do not exist.
Registrations must always be made within the normal registration period. Late registration at the chair is not possible.