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BAC 84

Livy and Intertextuality.
Papers of a Conference Held at the University of Texas at Austin,
October 3, 2009 

Wolfgang Polleichtner (Ed.)

This collection of essays focuses on Livy's way of employing intertextual strategies in dealing with his direct and indirect sources. In sum, this perspective throws Livy's literary aspirations as an author of historiography into sharper relief. Livy emerges as a thoughtful critic not only of his sources but also of historiographical methodologies. 

M. Jaeger: Once more to Syracuse: Livyís Perspective on the Verrines
J. D. Chaplin: Historical and Historiographical Repetition in Livyís Thermopylae
W. Polleichtner: Fabius, Scipio, and the Sicilian Expedition: A Practical Lesson on Reading Thucydides
A. H. Lushkov: Intertextuality and Source-Criticism in The Scipionic Trials
T. J. Moore: Livy's Hannibal and the Roman Tradition
N. Popov-Reynolds: The Heroic Soldier as Exemplum in Cato and Livy
A. Feldherr: Hannibalic Laughter: Sallustís Archaeology and the End of Livyís Third Decade

ISBN 978-3-86821-253-2, 242 S., kt., Euro 26,-     2010

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