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BAC 75

Reception and its Varieties:
Reading, Re-Writing, and Understanding Cena Cypriani in the Middle Ages

Lucie DolezalovŠ

While almost nothing is known about the original (probably Late Antique) context of a very amusing but obscure Latin opuscle called Cena Cypriani (Cyprian’s Feast), during the Middle Ages it was very popular. This study concentrates on the so far largely neglected medieval reception of the text, gathering references to it, including editio princeps of its 12th century commentary, and analysing the surviving 104 manuscripts from various points of view. While providing an exciting case study, the book, addressing also more general methodological questions, is useful for those interested in reception as such, too.

ISBN 978-3-88476-917-1, 542 S., kt., Euro 52,50     2007

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