Research Group "EU-China"

Working Group 1: The EU and China's New Silk Road

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bersick

Based on the “New Silk Road/ One Belt, One Road” initiative of the Chinese government, the research project conducts a comparative research on multilateral and bilateral cooperation and integration processes in Asia and Europe. In the center of research stands the question regarding the formation of comprehensive governance structures in Eurasia and their influence on the development of the international political economy of the region. Which role is taken by governmental and non-governmental actors as well as the European Union and their relevant member states, particularly Germany, regarding the institutionalization of functional cooperation and integration in Eurasia?

Working Group 2: China and the New Silk Road

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick

The research group inquires into the question, to what extend the PR China is using the potentials of an ever integrating Eurasia and how Beijing is dealing with emerging areas of conflict in this context. Therefore, the focus lies on the policy areas of economy, finance flows, as well as social and environmental policy. Which responsibilities is China willing to take regarding the consequences of the “New Silk Road/One Belt, One Road” initiative on social and economic standards and how does China influence the European discourse on changing social and political structures for a sustainable development in this context?

Working Group 3: The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bersick

China´s participation is of fundamental importance for the development and progress of the ASEM process. The high expectations, initially nurtured on the European and Asian side during the first ASEM meeting in Bangkok 1996, have not been fulfilled yet. In 2016 the ASEM process will celebrate its 20th anniversary. In preparation of the 11th ASEM summit in Ulaanbaatar and in cooperation with the foreign ministry of Mongolia, the research project is asking about the achievements in cooperation as well as the future challenges regarding the interregional cooperation between the EU and Asia.