YICGG 2016: Empowering Through Education – A Pluralistic Approach to an Innovative Educational System

Members of the Research Group: Lena Marie Hufnagel / Johanna Rust

Urbanization is an increasingly important development and never before so many people have been living in cities. Technology, Politics and Economy in general proceed rapidly, so that in this context of globalization with its concomitant changes, education is a topic of high importance. The research group elaborates basic questions concerning the current educational system with its needs for coming generations, focussing on comprehensive education and educational contents as well as the financing of education; since well educated employees facilitate economic growth there should be a financial backflow from economy to education. All analysed aspects will be discussed in the global context and evaluated with regard to the ability of self-contained decision making in the international sphere of politics and economics for a deeper and sustainable understanding as well as innovative ideas for the future. The research group pays particular attention to the different educational systems of Europe and China. Upon the invitation of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of the Fudan University, Shanghai, the research group attended the “Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance” (YICGG) and therefore continues representing the RUB at the Fudan University.


Presentation YICGG 2016
Interview with CT Campus Radio