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The Jean Monnet Chair “Connecting Europe and Asia: People, Power and Policies” at the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia, Faculty of East Asian Studies, invites all students of Ruhr-Universität Bochum to take part in the ErasmusDays 2020 from October 15 to 17, 2020. JMC Support

♥ #ErasmusDays Video Contest

This three days will serve as a kick-off event for our #ErasmusDays video contest at RUB. It will be organised by the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia and open to all students from RUB:

➨ Create a video with your opinion/project on connecting people until January 2021 (submission).
➨ The winners will be invited to engage with the #ErasmusDays 2021 and implement their project ideas.

From 15, 16 & 17 October 2020: Three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond during the #ErasmusDays. Read more at the International Office portal here.
The ErasmusDays initiative goes back to the French National Agency, which called for it in the Erasmus + anniversary year 2017. Since then, the campaign has enjoyed great popularity. Last year almost 4,000 events were held in 53 countries - 131 of them in Germany. Read more information about the #ErasmusDays here.

JMC ErasmusDays

This year, #ErasmusDays 2020 will mostly consist of online events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This October, you will have the opportunity to engage with others and be part of an interactive and dynamic series of events run by different organisations and universities.

Video contest gives students a voice in expressing their opinion about people-to-people connectivity and the opportunity to take active part in 2021 ErasmusDays.
The Department of International Political Economy of East Asia (IPEA) launches a video contest focused on the theme “Erasmus+: Connecting People”. The winner or winners of the contest will engage with and contribute to the 2021 ErasmusDays by implementing their activity; the videos will also be circulated on social media channels and feature in the Erasmus+ activities portal from the European Commission.
Your video will present a creative activity/event to be conducted during the 2021Erasmus Days. The activity must address your ideas on ‘Erasmus+: Connecting People’ in 60 seconds or less. Activities could e.g. include workshops, podcasts, live events (performances of all kinds), sport events, flash mobs, online polls… and much more!

→ Please have a look in the Guidelines.
There you will also find the information of procedure & timeline and final video selection criteria!

Step 1: If you are interested, please submit your project (video and exposé) between 15 November 2020 to 15 January 2021.
Step 2: The selected candidate/s will be notified on 26 February 2021 by email.
Step 3: Selection interview with Prof. Bersick and Ms. Paulo to present the project and implementation of the activity. Interviews will be conducted at the beginning of the SoSe 2021, April, specific dates will be notified in due time.
Step 4: After successful acceptance, an initial meeting will be carried out with our staff to plan the organization of the activity. It will take place in May 2021.
Step 5: A third meeting with the selected participant/s and our staff will take place to confirm that all aspects to successfully implement the activity are in place (September 2021).
Step 6: During the 2021 ErasmusDay, the activity will be launched by the participant/s – enjoy it!

Submission of the project and request of further information to: Ms. Mireia Paulo: mireia.paulonoguera@rub.de.