Workshop: "East Asia as a Partner of the EU in Global Governance"

By identifying East Asia as a new partner the workshop addresses important questions of actorness, role conceptions, and forms and venues for EU cooperation with East Asia. It thus takes an innovative approach with regard to theory (role theory) and subject (East Asia as a potential partner for the EU).

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Please find the videos below.

JMC Workshop JMC Workshop
JMC Workshop

Videos of the workshop

Panel 1-1

Panel 1-2

Panel 1-3

Panel 1-4

Panel 1-5


Panel 2-1

Panel 2-2

Panel 2-3

Panel 2-4 including the discussion


Panel 3-1

Panel 3-2

Panel 3-3 including the discussion


Panel 4-1

Panel 4-2

Panel 4-3

Panel 4-4 including the discussion