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YICGG 2019: Oceans, Rivers and Lakes: Water Preservation and Development

Member of the research group: Svenja Fischer/ Linda Wittelsbach

Participating in YICGG 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, was an inspiring experience to us as we could learn content-wise about this year’s theme “Oceans, Rivers, Lakes sustainable policy development, utilisation and preservation”. We could connect with students from all around the world, over 30 nations this year. In this global atmosphere we established in the World Team set-up a great network of international new friends. Within the World Teams we developed a concise presentation depicting our potential contribution to the preservation and protection of Oceans, Rivers and Lakes, in short: coming ‘Back to the Ocean’. The competition comprised also the prestigious possibility to listen to Indonesian politicians and officials giving insight into the challenges and opportunities of Indonesia’s water body’s management. Also, we visited a renatured mangrove forest and could talk to officials there and enjoy the natural environment. The jury was of outstanding professors and experts, each one giving thoughtful perspectives on the topic, as well as providing practical tools for future projects during preparation for the World Team’s presentation.
The presentation of Linda Wittelsbach and Svenja Fischer.

YICGG 2019 Wittelsbach
YICGG 2019

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