“Bochum Jean Monnet Lecture Series on EU-Asia Affairs”

The Jean Monnet lecture series on EU-Asia Connectivity builds on the European Commission Communication Connecting Europe and Asia: Building Blocks for an EU Strategy. It is a concrete manifestation of facilitating much deeper ties between Europe and Asia in promoting shared values and joint interests: from upholding the rules-based, multilateral order, to developing high standards for digital and physical infrastructure.


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The lecture series intends to contribute to a better understanding of the role of the EU in a globalised world and the factors that strengthen and inhibit it. All lectures are to be delivered by well-known experts. The speakers will explore connectivity as a global megatrend, and extrapolate what it means for the EU’s role in a globalised world and for the ongoing development and evolution of the EU-Asia relationship. In particular, connectivity will be examined through various angles, from geopolitics and economics to regulations and digitalization.
Over a period of two years (November 2020-November 2022), Prof. Bersick and twelve guest speakers will deliver individual lectures. Scholars, private sector professionals, think-tankers and policy-makers from Germany, Brussels and international organisations will be invited to provide insights and analysis. The lectures will be opened to all RUB affiliates, as well as scholars, policy-makers, civil society, practitioners, and economic actors.
The discussion following the talks will offer a broad platform for knowledge exchange and connection between theory and practice. For students from different faculties, the lecture series will not only offer an opportunity to broaden their knowledge regarding different aspects of the newly evolving phenomenon of connectivity between the EU and Asia but also to become more familiar with different theoretical and practical perspectives. In addition to that and as the lecture series is open for students from different faculties of RUB and the AREA Ruhr Alliance the activity contributes to the enlargement of relevant extracurricular topics (including but not limited to EU studies) in the Ruhr region of Germany.


1. "EU-Asia Connectivity: Concepts, Contexts and Contestations" provided by Prof. Sebastian Bersick.
Date: 03 December 2020.

2. "The EU_Asia Connectivity Strategy: Sustainable and Digital Transformations” provided by Romana Vlahutin, Ambassador-at-Large for Connectivity, European External Action Service.
Date: 26 January 2021.
Time: 9:30 - 10:30 A.M. CET

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