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The second Jean Monnet Chair at the Faculty of East Asian Studies

In September 2020, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Program. The funding enables the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB), the Faculty of East Asian Studies, and the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia to intensify EU-related teaching and research activities, and to also actively contribute to the study of EU-Asia relations.

You can find the project on the European Commission´s website.
Read more information about the Jean Monnet Programme here.
Read more information about the Erasmus+ Programme here.

The project “Connecting Europe and Asia: People, Power and Policies” (CEAPPP) aims at promoting excellence in teaching and research in European Union studies. CEAPPP deals with the external dimension of EU integration by focusing on the evolving relationship between the EU and the Asian region. At the same time, it tackles the external dimension of regional cooperation and integration processes in Asia.
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By taking the EU-Asia connectivity strategy perspective, CEAPPP furthermore focuses on EU foreign policy and the EU’s role in Asia and in a globalised world, related geopolitical and power dynamics as well as on alternative connectivity politics and policies with regard to digital connectivity and people-to-people connectivity.
Teaching activity will be conducted by the chair holder, Prof. Sebastian Bersick, and one of the academic staff members at the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia, Ms. Mireia Paulo.
Traditional EU studies programs in universities and colleges do not regularly include novel and new topics in their curricula. CEAPPP considers that hosting a Jean Monnet Chair focusing on EU-Asia connectivity, which is per se a novel topic, should also embrace novelty in the teaching curricula, learning material, methods, and tools. The teaching courses will be delivered to RUB’s students and connecting them to partner universities in Europe and Asia thus enhancing the connecting people dimension, particularly students do not automatically come into contact with EU studies.

Thanks to the Jean Monnet Chair, the Faculty of East Asian Studies, and particularly the Department of International Political Economy of East Asia, is able to organize a series of events. These activities will be conducted (listed below) under the chair between October 2020 to July 2023.

- #ErasmusDay
- "Jean Monnet Lecture Series on EU-Asia Connectivity"
- Publications
- Teaching
- Workshop on "Politics and Policies of EU-Asia Connectivity"
- Webinar on "The EU Digitalization Strategy and Asia"

The activities will bring together researchers, practitioners, and civil society from various sectors of society to speak about and discuss recent developments and challenges to the EU’s role in Asia. The aim of all the activities are intended to create public interest in questions of European Studies in general and EU-Asia relations in particular and stimulate new and creative ideas and concepts.

Videos of the first Jean Monnet Chair projects can be found here.*


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