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Student rooms are located in the vicinity of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The Academic Support Group (AKAFÖ) offers apartments and rooms from EUR 240,- to EUR 400,- per month. The application process is undertaken online by the student themselves.

In Bochum living expenses amount to approximately EUR 600-800*- per month in total. Utility costs have gone up considerably.

Most student housing is in short supply and has long waiting lists (6-12 months). It should be possible to apply after admittance and prior to enrollment.

Housing on the private market may be listed only a month or two ahead of time, so keep checking, particularly early Saturday mornings.

Student Houses of AKAFÖ

The student union AKAFÖ offers apartments and single rooms in 18 different student houses.

Information about the student houses of AKAFÖ:


Application form:

Please note:  The application is only a registration and does not guarantee that you will get a room at AKAFÖ. In case of questions, wait times may be a couple weeks due to high call volume. Please contact the iMOS course coordinator for more information or for troubleshooting the website.


Further information about finding accommodation in Bochum

The International Office provides information for finding accommodation in Bochum.

Please note that housing listed under "International researchers" via the Welcome Centre is not available to Masters' Students.

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Private Student Housing

You can also search for student housing in the private sector. Sublets / Untervermeitung / Zwischenmiete can fill in gaps: access may be free for RUB-emails.

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