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Are you a bachelor student in

Chemistry Physics Mathematics Biochemistry or related Engineering fields?

Join this highly competitive program tailored specifically for international research exchange that relies on your skills in quantum mechanics, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Our top researchers in primarily the fields of theoretical and physical chemistry will train you in cutting-edge spectroscopic and simulation techniques through lectures and extensive hands-on practica here and abroad, taking your basic conceptual knowledge of classical mechanics and thermodynamics / statistical mechanics to the next level.

Be one of the 6,000+ international students at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, a world leader in applied optical technologies, chemistry and pharmacology. Local students will benefit from the unique international exchange and focused training in spectroscopy and simulation.



The online application system is open December 2022 - 15. June 2023 for the M Sci. degree program which starts October 2023. Please review all Admissions pages. Students at RUB, TUD, DUE please contact us.

Are you seeking Doctorate Research in Solvation Science ? Competitive stipends for the iMOS preparatory year coursework are available for iGSS Track II PhD students.

Apply by May 15 at the latest.
See their 'Jobs & Training' page for the Track II procedure. For questions, please contact iMOS or iGSS Offices.

Graduate Study in Germany

iMOS is an accredited Masters of Science degree granting program offered by the Fakultät für Chemie und Biochemie at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Many program instructors are affiliated with the research at the Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV) German Cluster of Excellence. A specialized year of iMOS coursework also fulfills the requirements of the preparatory Fast-Track / Track II for doctoral students at both places: the Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, GSCB, and the intergated Graduate School Solvation Science, iGSS.

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