Graduation Day 2013

On December 6th we celebrated our 9th IGSN Graduation Day.

In the morning the Scientific Advisory Board convened in Bochum for their annual meeting and evaluation. Afterwards they attended the scientific talks and poster presentations of our students. Ms Tanja Hamacher-Dang, Ms Beate Knauer, Ms Dina Safina, Mr Amir Azizi, and Mr Steffen Pahl represented the students of the faculties of Psychology, Medicine, Biology, the Institute of Neuroinformatics and the faculty of Chemistry in their talks. You did a marvellous job — thank you!

After the lunch break the winners of our school writing competition "A fit brain?" swarmed into the Veranstaltungszentrum and we began the afternoon with a lively award ceremony with children and their families from the Goethe School Bochum. Two IGSN students (Janna Aarse and Naima Rüther) read from the prize winning texts and the speaker of the IGSN Prof Dr Michael Hollmann and Vice-speaker of the IGSN Prof Dr Ulf Eysel together with the Director of the IGSN, Prof. Dr. Manahan-Vaughan, presented the pupils with their prizes.

The second highlight of the afternoon was the ceremony for our ten 2013 graduates. The graduates were honoured with superb laudatios from their supervisors, which entertained the audience as well as the families of the graduates. The Day was brought to a very pleasant close in "Cigos", where students, faculty members and graduates were able to eat and drink their fill amid agreeable company. Thank you to all those who made this day such a success!

Click here for photos of the event