Special Prize - Class Competition - Kunstwerkstatt Köllerholzschule

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Entry - Nicolas Reinhardt Entry - Lotta Wolf Entry - Johanna Klumpe and Lilian Troha Entry - Mia Prando Entry - Martha Sarbok Entry - Frida Simonis Entry - Linda Hämmerich Entry - Jad Assaf Entry - Valeria Amore Entry - No Name Entry - Robert Riedel Entry - Luka Trinkhaus Entry - Marlene Herrig Entry - Lenni Trinkhaus and Lars Olbermann Entry - Hannah Hallmann Entry - Dana Siefert Entry - Laeticia Blotzheim Entry - Pia Witkowski Entry - Stella Schittek and Mila Jaskulla Entry - Anna Kurlbaum and Pia Luise Sebald Entry - Joelle Assaf Entry - Pauline Sebald Entry - Leni Götsch and Lea Brodowski