Second Place - Class Competition - Freie Schule, Klasse 3

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Entry - Anna Jobskir

Anna Jobski

Entry - Cenan Bayrak

Cenan Bayrak

Entry - Johann Forch

Johann Forch

Entry - Josephine Vestweber

Josephine Vestweber

Entry - Juline Neuser

Juline Neuser

Entry - Kjell-Finnian Schwetz

Kjell-Finnian Schwetz

Entry - Lena Jobski

Lena Jobski

Entry - Linus Grum

Linus Grum

Entry - Lion Becker

Lion Becker

Entry - Lotte Hammerschlag

Lotte Hammerschlag

Entry - Luise Wegmann

Luise Wegmann

Entry - Miguel Nyirenda

Miguel Nyirenda

Entry - Patrice Steffen

Patrice Steffen

Entry - Paul Pulver

Paul Pulver

Entry - Paul Rumpf

Paul Rumpf

Entry - Pia Kühlen

Pia Kühlen

Entry - Soniya Gutke

Soniya Gutke

Entry - Tara Dohrmann

Tara Dohrmann